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How to make a guy moan

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Expert Blog Compelling advice, stories, and thought-provoking perspectives straight from YourTango's lineup of Experts to you. Daily celeb videos. That could cause some moaning. Write about what you did together in bed last, and make sure you describe in detail what you want to do to him the next time you see him.

Remove his ability to reason with mid-coital Kegels. Wrap it up and give it to him discreetly on an actual day as his birthday gift!

Think about moments when you're enjoying what you're feeling, but you don't express it outwardly. How to make a guy moan. The inner part of his thighs are incredibly sensitive, and all you need to do in order to get him moaning is applying just the slightest touch.

Moan loudly when things get intense. Some guys want you to spend most of your time pleasing just the head, and others prefer it when you deep throat and focus on the shaft. He wants you to let those gasps and sighs and shrieks of pleasure spring out in the heat of the moment.

I myself am not a big moaner or talker.

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It's also a great option if your guy isn't too keen on having your finger in his butt. Online free porn movies. I like it because it lets me know he is well satisfied but I wish he would more often only not faking it because that would defeat the purpose. If you need to be quiet for any reason, try not to let yourself get too into the act of moaning.

It may be easier to make the pitch of your moan sound deeper on the outward breath than on the intake. Remove his ability to reason with mid-coital Kegels. The area we've dubbed his M zonewhich represents the letter M shape you make on his body when you touch him in this region. How to make a guy moan. You constantly feel like you're walking on eggshells.

An active imagination can do wonders for your sex life. My boyfriend does not like moaning or saying anything when we have sex.

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