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Hermaphrodites the PC term is now "intersex" really do exist. Ass lick tumblr. Like they might be slightly purple, or a little pink, or maybe sort of brownish. Sort of like how some people have innie belly buttons, and other people have outies, but instead of your belly button, it's your vulva.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The biggest labia. It's for seeing labia just like this, amazing. The labia are the part of the vulva that most people call the "lips," because they kind of look like lips.

And even then, many STIs can be contracted in ways that don't involve sex. But don't worry, dudes. And aside from that, your pubes protect your vagina from infection and, I don't know, dust storms?

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This also helped her get rid of the pain during intercourse. Stephen Paddock Who is Stephen Paddock? Meghan Markle spotted carrying ready meal amid rumours she'll be engaged to Prince Harry by end of the year. Sexy puss pic. A Scotswoman Anna Swan, who was as many as centimeters tall and who gave birth to the biggest infant of all times, is supposed to be the owner of the largest vagina. They noted it could be a byproduct of the "'pornification' of modern culture" or the fact that people don't realize that not all vaginas look alike.

Video Loading Video Unavailable. She also notes that more and more women are seeking plastic surgery, or labiaplasties, to achieve the same perfectly trim and symmetrical look as porn stars. The biggest labia. If you believe your inner lips are infected and they aren't getting better though, you should probably call a doctor.

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J lo uncensored In some cases, a woman's labia can get stretched longer to the point of discomfort if they're continuously getting caught in her clothes, and Dr.
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