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After calming Shizune down and casually scolding Orochimaru for what he said, Tsunade punches the wall next to her, reducing it to gravel, and vows to kill him if he ever says it again. And the jacket fabric's really spiff, too. Videos of pikachu. This revelation, coupled with Suna's devastating losses at the hands of Konoha's ninja, forces the village to surrender unconditionally, which Konoha accepts.

Once Sasuke is unable to fight back, Itachi uses Tsukuyomi to show Sasuke the murder of their parents. After learning that Tsunade has taken on the title of the Fifth Hokage, Naruto begins to find her inadequate for the position, listing all of the ways that the Third Hokage was better than her.

Naruto Comic - There is Something about Tsunade. Tsunade sexy pics. Tsunade Sauna Victoria-sama14 3 Deviations Featured: Fury of the Rasengan! Find More Posts by misato is hot. Find More Posts by mokulen After Kabuto states that only Tsunade can help Orochimaru, Tsunade inquires how he got the injury, recognising it as being far from an average wound.

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Kabuto notes that because both he and Tsunade are medic-ninhe could notice the subtle amounts of killing intent within her jutsu.

The Bond of the Shinobi ". Iruka explained to Naruto over a bowl of ramen, of course that they must not show other villages that they were currently weak, so they must do as many missions as they had done before Orochimaru's invasion, even though their strength had been cut in half.

Cosplay Naruto cosplay Naruto Anime cosplay Anime. Story to make you wet. Poster Stars Fashion Forward. Tsunade sexy pics. Returning to Orochimaru's side, Kabuto takes a pill to stop his bleeding. While Tsunade is momentarily off-balance, Naruto uses the opportunity to use his still-to-be-mastered Rasengan on Tsunade. Realising that Itachi is using only a fraction of his abilities, Kakashi instructs Asuma and Kurenai to close their eyes so as to avoid falling prey to Itachi's ultimate technique.

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