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Chimothy - 3. Your Sun Sign in. Red tube vintage. Sexual life in ancient China: How to spot the venomous creepy crawlies in the UK. Chinese feet pics. The religions of China: This practice was called "toast to the golden lotus" and lasted until the late Qing dynasty.

Foot-binding resulted in lifelong disabilities for most of its subjects, and a few elderly Chinese women still survive today with disabilities related to their bound feet.

If the infection in the feet and toes entered the bones, it could cause them to soften, which could result in toes dropping off; although, this was seen as a benefit because the feet could then be bound even more tightly. It was considered better to get someone who wasn't your mum to do it: Share On link Share On link.

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Chinese Women with Deformed Feet 15 pics.

However, even while in bed — and even if otherwise totally naked — women wore special slippers to conceal their deformed extremities.

Unbinding hurt as it forced the women to readjust the way they stood, and walk with broken toes. Footbinding was often classified in Chinese encyclopedia as clothing or a form of bodily embellishment rather than mutilation; one from for example placed footbinding in a section on "Female Adornments" that included hairdos, powders, and ear-piercings. Suck my pee pee. It was considered preferable to have someone other than the mother do it, as she might have been sympathetic to her daughter's pain and less willing to keep the bindings tight.

Like a foot fetish of a size five in a 6" pure heel. She can no longer walk very far as she has put on a lot of weight, and her small feet cannot support her. Chinese feet pics. These are the poisonous and aggressive species to watch out for.

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