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How can I stop doing this? The C note for instance on the G string 5 th fret can be bended with the index finger to a C note.

Is it a problem with how I am bending? Push your G string with ring and middle fingers and touch D string with the index finger like the guy on the picture below. Www sex dot. Or do I just need to practice it more so I don't do it? There is just no way to play the bend in tune without touching the strings above; at least not for me. G string bend over. It wasn't tricky - I normally wrap my hand over the neck as I solo so my other finger are touching and effectively muting all string, single the one being attacked the G string here.

How To Add Color And Complexity To Your Blues Guitar Solos With Subtle And Long Distance String Bends Most of the bends you hear in rock and blues music are the standard ones that bend over an interval of 2 or 1 fret s to another note in the scale, but a solo can sound a lot more complex and colored if bends are used that have a larger interval, or are bended to notes that are not strictly part of the minor pentatonic scale.

Perhaps a guitar with a wider neck. In a good position, the tip of the finger should "butt up against" the string, not press it down.

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To prepare your ear for what this should sound like, play the 10th fret of the second string, and then slide your finger up to the 11th fret, and play that. Fat bbw ass pics. Jul 9 Please follow the instructions to reset your password. G string bend over. Using any other part of the right hand causes problems with my picking, but the meaty part of it just above the wrist seems to do the trick.

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